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We implement best practice upon your company's individual needs.


Configure your HR from our offer

Strategic HR

  • HR audit
  • Goal setting
  • HR strategy development
  • HR planning and budgeting
  • Optimal organisational structure
  • Succession planning
  • Change management in the company
  • Reporting and controlling of HR indicators

Company culture and employee relations

  • Employer attractiveness
  • Employee climate surveys
  • Employee Handbook
  • Internal communication
  • Collaboration with employee representatives
  • Labour bargaining
  • Corporate social responsibility

Recruitment and development

  • Job profile
  • Search and hiring process
  • Employee onboarding
  • Employee performance appraisal
  • Career interview and feedback
  • Skills matrix
  • Team development plan
  • Development of key potential and competencies


  • Audit of compensation and benefits
  • Salary matrix by job positions
  • System of basic salary and surcharges
  • Variable compensation - premiums, bonuses
  • Equal and fair remuneration
  • Employee benefits

HR administration

  • Pre - employment relations
  • Employment contract and other documents
  • Working time management
  • Guidelines in compliance with regulations
  • HR data protection
  • Creation and use of the social fund
  • International employment in the EU
  • HR software
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We save time and money.

Effectively set up HR can significantly affect the savings of tangible and intangible company’s resources, which you can use for further development of your business. With us, you can turn fixed costs into variable costs.


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